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Bay Area Maternity Session | Martinez, CA

It has been 55 days of Shelter-in-Place ordered by our CA governor to help slow the spread of COVID-19. When the order was first put in place a wave of anxiety hit me as I realized all of our normal routines and luxuries were temporarily suspended. I thought about entertaining my 3 children without the help of play dates and playgrounds, juggling schooling at home, and no more daycare to give me a break to get my own work done. But now that we've almost hit the 2 month mark, looking back I'm happy to admit it hasn't been that difficult. My family has been very fortunate that everyone has remained healthy and while it can get a bit stressful to be cooped up all together more than usual, we've had a lot of really great times as we've been forced to slow down and appreciate how wonderful our lives are. With that being said, I wanted to post a more recent Maternity Session taken in the dreamy hills of Martinez, CA. The miracle of new life and a new beginning seems so fitting for today's uncertain atmosphere.

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