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Stunning holiday cards to match your own personal style

This year has been hands down amazing. I’ve been able to jump in full force and dedicate myself to the growth and success of Jaebird. I’ve met so many lovely new families and have had the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing companies. It’s hard to believe this year is winding down already, but here I am, booking holiday sessions and planning for the end of the year. I’ve leaked the exciting news here and there, but I’m officially excited to announce that I’ve partnered with Basic Invite, a custom invitation company.

I love working with other creatives and welcome any and all opportunities, but Basic Invite definitely had me at hello. Being a portrait photographer, I’m all about making my clients’ experience unique and personal. One of the greatest things about Basic Invite and their stunning products is the ability to create cards that match your personal style. They are one of the few websites out there that offers almost unlimited color options while designing your card. And a bonus, you get an instant preview. But they don’t stop there. They also offer over 40 colors of envelops to polish off your card experience. Love it!! I’ve been so excited to tell my clients to browse on over to their website and check out their birth announcements and custom holiday photo cards among other things. The script fonts with gorgeous swirls and swashes, the foil finishes, and the Jaebird coupon code my clients get, I proudly recommend them whenever I can.

Be sure to check out their photo Christmas cards this holiday season and create the perfect card for your family!

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